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Analytics and Data Management Services

Accelerate and exploit the value of big data

Your most important business asset is your data and information. Yet, it’s a daunting task to expertly analyze massive volumes and varieties of enterprise information and big data.

Our Information Consultants, Business Analytics experts and Data Scientists have the skills and experience to process and analyze your data. We help uncover meaningful and actionable insights to unlock valuable new business opportunities. We bring together technologies such as SAP HANA, Hadoop, Microsoft SharePoint. And, we leverage the power of HP Autonomy and HP Vertica software with our HP HAVEn big data platform to generate the greatest possible insights and meaning from all available data.

The result? You can harness your relevant information and optimize the value of your data with a faster return on investment (ROI).

Seize the power of Big Data

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Experience the business opportunities within your big data using HP’s cloud-analytics discovery environment.

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Accelerate the value of your data with analytics

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Accessing data in near real time gives CenterPoint Energy customers greater control over energy consumption.

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Pave the path to innovation and growth

NASCAR drives innovation with actionable insights from real-time data.

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Featured services

With HP Analytics and Data Management Services, you can analyze relevant data, both structured and unstructured. These services will help you discover new markets, reduce risk, enhance customer experiences and gain competitive advantages.

Big Data Discovery Experience Services
Experience the power of your data in a low-risk, secure test environment. Rapidly explore and test big data business scenarios to uncover insights.
Customer Analytics Services
Combine diverse data sources – such as traditional CRM, social and contextual – with advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights that allow you to increase customer intimacy and drive revenue growth.
Foresight Situational Awareness Solution
Aggregate, correlate and share intelligence and operational data to improve responses to rapidly changing, complex scenarios such as threats, attacks, and disasters.
Interactive Media Command Center
Maximize the power of your data through a business-first approach to harnessing social, digital, traditional, and transactional data to help drive greater customer engagement and revenue opportunities
Records Management PDF 285 KB
Simplify compliance with regulatory mandates, boost collaboration and productivity, automate processes, and provide secure access to documents.
Compliance and Operational Archiving PDF 996 KB
Efficiently manage retention and disposition of your information to help ensure compliance with changing regulations, and simultaneously derive insights for better business decisions.