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As your organization expands globally, it faces numerous challenges–a large workforce, potentially unstable business partners, political drift, and changing markets. Further, as your company makes acquisitions in new markets, it would often pick up a diverse array of local or regional finance and administration (F&A) systems and processes. In such circumstances, it is challenging to drive sustainable corporate growth.

Transform your finance back-office functions

Get prepared for your finance transformation with a series of articles from CFO Research, and based on interviews conducted with finance leaders at different stages of the journey.

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Realize greater value and optimize your business functions

It makes sense now, more than ever, for leaders of global companies to implement greater efficiencies in their finance and administration structure to control costs, free up financial resources, and support a more agile business enterprise. HP maintains an integrated program of continuous process improvement and technology refresh in our BPS portfolio to provide the most advanced F&A services, including:

  • Source-to-pay
  • Order-to-cash
  • Record-to-report
  • Analytics
  • Framework for Innovation and Transformation (FIT)
  • Human Resource and Payroll Services
  • Procurement Services

Our global team of industry and technology experts collaborates with your team by adding our innovation, knowledge, and experience to your organization. That lets you apply your expertise to the products and services that allow you to surpass your competition.

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HP Finance & Administration Overview video

HP offers an array of F&A Services ranging from transaction-processing to complex decision-making support and analytics all designed to drive improvements across your organization.

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BPO Edge Issue 4: Finance and Accounting Edition


Global standardized processes deliver short-term results and long-term strategic advantages. Cash flow: fuel for the growth engine. And more.

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HP F&A Services offering overview


Improve agility and quality, and reduce costs while enhancing risk mitigation through process and technology transformation.

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The CFO Agenda 2020: a joint survey driven by HP and Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC)

HP, with the help of Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), interviewed over 300 CFOs in mid-sized and large companies in 12 countries globally and across all industry sectors, to gain insight into the CFO’s perception of the impact of digital technologies and how prepared they are to take advantage of these technologies.

The study – "The CFO Agenda 2020: Getting ready for the digital age" – had a wealth of data and insights into the decision-making process of the CFO community. PAC and HP will publish a range of analyses on these topics over the next few weeks based on the findings of the study. These reports can be downloaded below.

Moving back-office services for finance to front and center

CFO Research and HP produced a 7-part series of short articles that focus on making the case for transforming finance’s back-office functions. Based on interviews CFO Research conducted with finance executives at a range of large companies in the U.S. and Europe, this series provides new insights and real- life experiences from a variety of practitioners, along with practical steps that your firm can take to begin the journey.

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In Part 1, CFO Research on examines the driving forces behind finance transformation initiatives and what success looks like.

$$iteminfo (74207|itemtitle)$$ PDF 108 KB
In Part 2, CFO Research highlights examples of the questions that finance leaders engage with when considering how to organize and manage the different functions.

$$iteminfo (74208|itemtitle)$$ PDF 93 KB
In Part 3, CFO Research reports on the importance transformation leaders place on an end-to-end view of their finance.

$$iteminfo (74386|itemtitle)$$ PDF 104 KB
In Part 4, finance executives weigh in on the importance of rigorous data management at the start of a transformation initiative.

$$iteminfo (74387|itemtitle)$$ PDF 98 KB
In Part 5, transformation leaders say to first digitize the flow of finance data, then automate finance processes to get full value out of back-office initiatives.

$$iteminfo (74460|itemtitle)$$ PDF 110 KB
In Part 6, finance executives talk about the benefits of gaining buy-in and a commitment to change from all levels of the organization.

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In Part 7, executives describe how their own finance organizations approach enterprise-wide transformation as an ongoing journey towards optimization.