Advance your secure foundation

advance your secure foundation What sets organizations apart today is how well they have prepared themselves for tomorrow. Maintaining an agile, flexible and efficient enterprise is key to meeting mission objectives and adjusting to unforeseen needs over time. Simultaneously, organizations are facing increased pressure to reduce costs. Hybrid IT management provides a solid framework through which you can manage your enterprise’s transformation from siloed infrastructure to consolidated data centers and cloud services. As you evolve, your foundation security is a must and should be built at the core. Effective identity and access management are the first defense and can help ward off potentially damaging insider threats. HP can help you achieve enterprise agility, reshape and consolidate and, reinforce trust in identity.

Hybrid IT management

The ever-changing pace of business demands the ability to offer, deliver and manage the right services at the right time. HP Helion–our full hybrid portfolio of open and secure cloud solutions–is all about empowering breakthrough innovation, enhanced productivity, and opportunity. It spans traditional IT to hybrid cloud services, helping you to manage your workloads in the most efficient ways. You’ll become more nimble and cost-effective, and able to source, deliver, broker and govern highly flexible, scalable and mission-driven services. HP will help you transform to the digital enterprise with fully secure and compliant solutions, built from the ground up for public sector.

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Data center consolidation

Achieving cost savings is a foremost business objective. Migrating data and modernizing your enterprise to reduce your footprint is one way of meeting this objective. It starts by understanding and rationalizing your applications portfolio, and identifying their complexities and differing security levels. HP helps you assess your infrastructure and business requirements, leveraging cloud solutions and shifting into software-defined data centers, to help you identify new opportunities and reap the benefits of a hybrid IT environment. HP can help you plan your transition from data centers and into the new style of IT.

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Identity and access management

Knowing who has access to what, when, how and why, is critical to running a secure and productive environment. Sensitive information, systems and facilities bring challenges to every enterprise as you need to be ready to address both internal and external vulnerabilities, in addition to your full range of operational, financial and privacy risks. It starts by strengthening your identity and access management posture through comprehensive and scalable enterprise-class solutions that incorporate single and multi-factor authentication designed to address your changing security needs. We are experts working to secure you from the core with identity, credentialing, federation, and access management, even when you’re mobile.

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Insider threats

Every day, leaked data and other security incidents continue to raise concerns, diminish credibility and generate significant remediation cost. Most importantly data breaches can have substantial economic and national security impacts. They are not going away, and they are not all from external sources. To maintain the highest level of security, you need situational awareness of the actions taken by the individuals inside your network. HP solutions help you control who has access to sensitive information, discover who is inappropriately accessing systems and data, or attempting to use an authorized device so that you can quickly pinpoint possible security risks and address them swiftly.

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