Optimize your decision making

Optimize your decision making The shift in the data landscape is continuing to create enormous opportunities to harness valuable insight from information sources. When you can interconnect with other agencies or organizations in a timely manner, and acquire the right data and analytics, your potential successes and accomplishments increase exponentially. However, within your own agency it is important to identify the data you currently have access to–and which data you should have access to–in order to gain the optimal business intelligence. It is also critical to leverage data proactively, to minimize vulnerabilities and risks through security analytics. HP can help you accelerate your insights through collaboration, acquire smarter analytics and generate actionable intelligence.

Interconnected agencies

Information drives success. The better connected you are, the smarter, faster and more successful your actions can be. But the best connections don’t happen in a vacuum, they leverage technology that connects your organization to other organizations and resources, in the right context. They bring together business processes and integrated services and applications. For these connections to be effective, it is also critical to plan and implement the governance policies required for optimal security and access. HP can help set governance, control security, reduce the time to access and provide a seamless experience for your teams, so they quickly deliver the right information at the right time.

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Business intelligence

With the right information and data in hand, you must be able to process it to make actionable decisions. Big Data offers the opportunity to increase efficiencies and reduce risk to protect the public and your information. It’s about right-sizing the information—correlating and minimizing it for decision makers. It’s also about the ability to manage, store and secure that data and ensure timely access to it. HP services and solutions help you filter, manage, store, secure, share and analyze ever-growing amounts of structured and unstructured information and encapsulating it as useful intelligence.

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Security analytics

If your security actions are reactive instead of proactive, you aren’t as secure as you need to be. Real protection is built in, from the start, to secure you from the inside, out. And it needs to evolve. Untimely updates that don’t sync up with compliance regulations or that leave you open to internal or global threats can and will cause security gaps. HP cybersecurity solutions provide continuous monitoring that assesses vulnerabilities, analyze real-time online activity, and determine risk. With HP you’ll gain the insight needed to optimize your situational awareness and make informed decisions related to risk mitigation strategies.

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