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Cloud computing and the Public Sector

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HP Chief Technologist, U.S. Public Sector, Jeff Bergeron discusses the impact of cloud computing on the public sector.
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HP is the world's largest provider of information technology infrastructure, software, services, and solutions to individuals and organizations of all sizes.

We bring the advantages of our scale, the breadth and depth of our portfolio, our innovation, and our competitiveness to our customers every day and in almost every country in the world.

Our offerings include full support and services within the following areas:

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Connecting Social and Enterprise Intelligence
  • Data Center
  • Workplace360 Services

Big data and analytics

HP Vertica Analytics System: Now "Big Data" has the benefit of real-time analytics

The revolutionary HP Vertica Analytics System delivers a solution that can handle more data, provide more insight, and deliver more value by harnessing the power of real-time analytics to fuel business innovation and competitive advantage. Download HP Advanced Information Services for the Vertica Analytics Platform - Service brief PDF 224 KB


Tomorrow's leading organizations will gain advantages from mobility, face changing requirements, and create new opportunities. Visit hp.com to learn more about HP Mobility Solutions and Strategy or watch this mobility overview (Flash 2:44 Min).

HP ePrint Enterprise mobile printing solution

solution brief

The merger of mobile devices and cloud services has become one of the most significant enablers of business productivity and innovation in the past decade. To learn more about the HP ePrint Enterprise mobile printing solution read the solution brief. PDF 501 KB


Cloud computing can provide new levels of collaboration, agility, speed, and cost savings for enterprises of any size and type. The best cloud solutions help you and your IT organization become the builder and broker of services - maintaining control, building value, and leveraging the power of private and public clouds.

HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Virtual Private Cloud for U.S. Public Sector


With HP Enterprise Cloud Services - Virtual Private Cloud for U.S. Public Sector, you get everything you need to run key applications and to securely access them over a network - without investing in unneeded assets or processes. Read the HP Enterprise Cloud Services At-a-glance. PDF 280KB

Our GoCloud offering can help you build a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-manage infrastructure to support virtualization. Download GoCloud helps customers live in the cloud PDF 478 KB.


Protecting what matters


HP has developed enhanced services that are ideal for public sector organizations needs like better identity management, better protection against threats to government applications, and SOC support. Read the HP Enterprise Security Services for the Public Sector solution overview. PDF 1 MB

HP's application security services for the public sector bridge the gap between traditional application development processes and techniques, and the requisite security mechanisms needed to increase software assurance and significantly enhance system security. Download Application Security Services for U.S. Public Sector At-a-glance PDF 295 KB.

Connecting social and enterprise intelligence

The vast amount of social data that is now available is causing companies to look closer at how unstructured data of all types can help build a more robust view of customers. Find out how HP can help. Download Connecting Social and Enterprise Intelligence PDF 330 KB

Develop shared understanding of the Social Media opportunity and determine potential scope to move forward with Social Intelligence. Download HP Social Intelligence Discovery Workshop PDF 697 KB

Data center

Make sure your data center is optimized to meet your business demands. Forward-looking enterprises are looking more and more to hybrid cloud data center environments. Download Embrace the new era: Optimize the data center with the cloud – Viewpoint paper PDF 787 KB

HP offers an array of data center virtualization services to help you reach your goals quickly and reap benefits earlier. Visit our Data Center Virtualization Services site.

Workplace360 services

Find out how HP can help you make workplace management simple and assure that the seat management infrastructure equipment remains operational, secure, and performs at optimal levels. Download WorkPlace360 Services At-a-glance PDF 903 KB or visit our Workplace360 Services site.