White papers


Realize the private cloud potential PDF 376 KB
Cloud computing has the potential to transform the way IT delivers services internally. To realize this potential, organizations need a roadmap that takes into account both technical and business implications. This paper looks at how private clouds differ from traditional IT architectures, their benefits, and best practices for avoiding pitfalls that can slow or derail implementation initiatives.
Evolve your mission‑critical workloads to the private cloud PDF 819 KB
As a business user, you have likely been quick to recognize the cloud’s advantages in speeding innovation, accelerating business processes, and reducing time to revenue. You may, however, be concerned about the availability, performance, and security of a cloud environment. We can help you take the first step toward the private cloud for your mission-critical workloads using our Converged Infrastructure as the foundation.
In order to effectively drive the cloud conversation, CIOs will need to get inside the mind of their CFO, and learn to speak a language that the CFO will understand.

Data center

Faced with today’s data explosion and technology innovations, contemporary data centers are illequipped to deliver more and better services, drive stronger business results, and do more with less. Data center services can help organizations develop futureproof infrastructures, freeing executives to focus on innovation and business growth.
Data center improvements for long-term savings PDF 557 KB
There are ways to revitalize the data center that can improve functionality, reduce the physical footprint, and save money while better meeting the organization’s needs. And all of this can be done while having an important positive impact on the environment.


Enabling enterprise mobility PDF 325 KB
The “consumerization of IT” represents the growing expectations of customers and employees to access consumer-oriented technologies and solutions such as smartphones, video, audio, social networking, micro-blogging, and universal access from their employers and business partners. In short, the consumerization of IT will require businesses to plan for, develop, and operationalize a comprehensive approach for enabling enterprise mobility.