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Get access to the CMS-approved and compliant virtualized architecture environment at the HPES VDC that facilitates the transition from develop to deploy. To learn more read the Rapid Provisioning Portal FAQ. PDF 126 KB

If you are an authorized user of CMSNET, you can access the portal. If you are not an authorized user, please read through the FAQs for additional information.

Why select the CMS Virtual Data Center Prime IDIQ?

Procurement is fast and simple

The VDC IDIQ has been designed to meet the broadest range of computing needs for all of CMS. Careful attention has been paid to the assurance that services acquired through this vehicle fully meet all CMS design, engineering, and data security standards. Using the CMS VDC vehicle allows you to reduce your procurement cycles and achieve optimum pricing through pre-competed, pre-qualified vendors.

VDCP Procured Services HPES Support Offerings
Application Hosting Services: For applications requiring Z/OS, Linux, UNIX and Windows computing capabilities and for applications requiring mainframe computing capabilities.
  • HP provides web hosting (intranet/extranet applications) for CMS-owned mid-tier applications, and application hosting for all nine Common Working File (CWF) hosts and three Medicare shared systems (Part A, Part B, and DME) in a mainframe environment that processes more than 430 million Medicare insurance claims annually for all hospital, healthcare provider, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) claims nationally.
Resource-Based Enterprise Services: For engineering and program management staff to support CMS-specific activities as it relates to data center operations and governance.
  • HP personnel provide CMS with hardware planning, installation, and monitoring; hardware and software asset management; hardware and software configuration management; and facilities management.
  • We use ITIL-based client service management best practices are to ensure CMS systems meet stringent security policies.
Telecommunications and Networking Services: For engineering, implementation and administration of phone systems and data communications networks to support audio, video and data across local and wide area networks.
  • HP’s network offerings are architected to fully support traditional LAN/MAN/WAN-based applications for converged voice, video, and data services.
  • Our standards-based solutions enable clients to securely extend the reach of their corporate network to maximize the productivity benefits of a WLAN infrastructure.
  • We work with all Microsoft domain services and web application platforms, and our client virtualization technology-based solution lays down a server-based computing infrastructure that’s leveraged to deliver applications and virtual desktops to end user devices
Disaster Recovery Services: For supporting high availability and backup/recovery for the Production Systems.
  • The HP Tulsa VDC utilizes the documented Federal Healthcare Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that includes planning, testing, and support for recovery of the EDC environments. The EDC disaster recovery plan is verified on a quarterly basis and tested annually at the HP Recovery Center.
  • HP owns, operates, manages, and monitors a global NOC in Plano, Texas, 24x7x365 to manage CMS network operations and serve as a single point of contact for any CMS network difficulties. The NOC center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides back up if service is disrupted at either center; both NOCs have onsite disaster recovery contingency capabilities that we continually test by conducting ad hoc activation drills.
Enterprise Security Services: for implementing, monitoring and reporting of security protocol across the full spectrum of services provided by the VDC Contractor.
  • HP provides Information Systems Security best practices related to system hardening, system security documentation, and ongoing system security monitoring in accordance with the CMS Business Partners System Security Manual and NIST 800-53 security requirements. We also conduct annual FISMA Assessments to test and document our compliance to meet FISMA regulations.
Infrastructure Systems Software Development Services: For developing customized software applications, database applications, and other solutions not available in off-the-shelf modular software applications.
  • HP provides the planning, automation, and distribution framework needed to rapidly and efficiently deploy operating systems, applications, security patches, and application service update.
Seat Management Services: Consisting of hardware, software and support services for CMS employee desktop, remote computing, executive support services and all other forms of user based services.
  • HP is the #1 provider of desktop services. We manage approximately 5.5+ million desktops for more than 550 clients in 135+ countries. Each year, we respond to over 39 million service desk support calls in 35 languages.
  • We use ITIL-based standards, automation, and best practices to support our goal of zero outages and have more than 17,000 ITIL-certified employees.
Fee for Service Claims Processing Service: For Part A, Part B, DME, VA and RHHI claims processing.
  • At the Tulsa Enterprise Data Center, HP hosts applications for processing of fee-for-service Medicare claims via three Medicare shared systems (i.e., Part A, Part B, and DME), which process more than 427 million Medicare insurance claims for all hospital, healthcare provider, and DME claims nationally.
Large Scale Data Access and Dissemination Services: For making data available in a wide range of formats enabling ease of access and use for internal and external users to promote ongoing transparency and innovation through timely and secure access to information.
  • HP offers Client Virtualization Services (CVS), a server-based computing infrastructure that is leveraged in the delivery of applications and virtual desktops to end user devices.
  • The applications and virtual desktops are hosted at the data center and may be accessed by one of many managed and unmanaged devices (thin client, PC, laptop, mobile device, netbook).
Cloud Computing Services: For secure Cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and scalable Cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS) that can dynamically scale to support application hosting for CMS business operations.
  • HP delivers enterprise-class hosting services designed to meet the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) moderate security controls. And we continue to evolve our extensive services portfolio to bring you the latest cloud technologies - including advancements in software as a service, business processes, and industry-specific solutions.