General information

CONNECTIONS II (CNX II) is a $5 billion, 10-year multiple award contract that provides government agencies with a “one-stop shop” for purchasing telecommunications, network, and communications solutions. CNX II meets government agencies’ equipment, building, and campus infrastructure needs, and provides professional services to support existing networks or to design customized client-specific solutions. Whether an agency requires transition planning and integration services or infrastructure installation and implementation, CNX II provides a comprehensive solution for all federal agency telecommunications needs.


  • Provides streamlined, competitive, and flexible network, infrastructure and technical solutions to government agencies around the globe
  • Competitive FFP and T&M pricing that include a reasonable GSA contract fee of 1.5%
  • Easy access to information through the HP Enterprise Services portal which provides contract, labor rates and descriptions, modifications, and points of contact
  • Available for use by all Federal agencies for both CONUS and OCONUS requirements
  • Offers the flexibility to add labor categories and products through a contract modification request
  • Offers flexibility to add subcontractors as needed to support tasks without any contract modification


The CONNECTIONS II scope includes all labor and equipment necessary to support communications and networking solutions at the Local Area Network (LAN), building, campus and enterprise level.

Labor categories specify both professional and technical expertise to support the full solution life cycle, including, but not limited to, analysis, planning, design, specification, implementation, integration and management of network services and equipment. The scope also includes any new labor and equipment that may emerge in the marketplace for providing comprehensive telecommunications over the life of the contract.

The CONNECTIONS II acquisition encompasses a broad range of solution focus areas:

  1. Communications and Networking: Planning and construction of communications networks together with sensors, servers and storage to support and optimize resource management and the distribution of information to empower decision-makers; includes equipment to support information distribution in a variety of forms such as voice, video, and data and between humans and machines.
  2. Building/Campus Facility Preparation - All site preparation to support telecommunications distribution systems such as cabling and wiring, power systems, associated support structures and services and incidental construction.
  3. Operations, Administration, and Management (OA&M) - Manage a complex communications network such as maintaining the system configuration, including an inventory of equipment and assignment of network addresses; tracking performance data such as adherence to SLAs and network capacity monitoring; diagnosing and repairing faults and maintaining a help desk; collecting accounting information for billing; maintaining secure network operation; and coordination of all these functions.
  4. Customer Service and Technical Support - Provide support on behalf of an agency such as help desk, Website and electronic bulletin board construction and maintenance; back office support such as billing, planning, and financial support, etc.

Note: For all Solution Types, the contractor may:

  1. Provide labor or equipment or both.
  2. Provide solutions and support for legacy facilities.
  3. Provide solutions which are combinations of any or all of the above four solution types.

CONNECTIONS II contractors shall provide all equipment necessary for each solution type.

What's not in scope

CNX II is not intended to compete with Local Exchange Carriers (LEC), cellular telephone carriers, inter-exchange carriers or Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Ordering methods

GSA offers two methods to place orders through the CONNECTIONS II contract.

  1. Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS) enables the customer to enter into an agreement with GSA for value-added service whereby GSA handles the acquisition documentation development, vendor negotiations and evaluation, billing and payment functions.
  2. Direct Order Direct Bill (DODB) enables authorized contracting officers to handle the acquisition documentation development, vendor negotiations and evaluation, billing and payment functions directly. (See ordering guide for more information.)

The Associated Government Fee (AGF) for both AAS and DODB is 1.5% and is built into the labor rates.

The HP Enterprise Services team

HP Enterprise Services has assembled a team that brings a long history of successful project delivery with similar time, cost, and quality requirements as those specified on Connections II. Our team brings GSA and Connections II customers a wealth of capability, experience, and expertise that are directly applicable in size, scope, and complexity to the requirements of Connections II. With more than 135,000 employees in Enterprise Services alone, and a global Supply Chain Management organization, our team can deliver cost-effective services and solutions worldwide.

The team employs experienced business analysts, project managers, voice and data network engineers, enterprise network architects, network operations specialists, network capacity and performance analysts, change management specialists, on-site technicians, and assorted managers and support staff.

Small business

Enterprise Services is committed to the integration of small businesses into its solutions. Our CONNECTIONS II team features some of the strongest small business partners in the telecommunications industry. Our minimum target subcontracting goals for CONNECTIONS II are:

CONNECTIONS II Target Subcontracting Goals
Category Target (%)
Total Small Business 30
Small Disadvantaged Business 5
Woman-owned 5
HUBZone 3
Service-disabled Veteran-owned 3
Veteran-owned 3