The HP Enterprise Services CONNECTIONS II Team brings a wealth of capability, experience, and expertise that are directly applicable in size, scope, and complexity to the requirements of Connections II.

Communications and networking

Planning and construction of communications networks together with sensors, servers and storage to support and optimize resource management and the distribution of information to empower decision-makers; includes equipment to support information distribution in a variety of forms such as voice, video, and data and between humans and machines.

Building/campus facility preparation

All site preparation to support telecommunications distribution systems such as cabling and wiring, power systems, associated support structures and services and incidental construction.

Operations, administration, and management (OA&M)

The functions needed to manage a complex communications network such as maintaining the system configuration, including an inventory of equipment and assignment of network addresses; tracking performance data such as adherence to SLAs and network capacity monitoring; diagnosing and repairing faults and maintaining a help desk; collecting accounting information for billing; maintaining secure network operation; and coordination of all these functions.

Customer service and technical support

Provide support on behalf of an agency such as help desk, Website and electronic bulletin board construction and maintenance; back office support such as billing, planning, and financial support, etc.

For all solution types, we can provide:

  1. Labor or equipment or both.
  2. Solutions and support for legacy facilities.
  3. Solutions which are combinations of any or all of the above four solution types.