Why HP

HP’s Continuous Monitoring (CM) offering provides the analysis, design, installation, operation and maintenance of diagnostic sensors (tools) deployed to your network. It performs:

  • hardware management
  • software asset management
  • configuration management
  • vulnerability management

Integrating these four components provides a greater value than merely the sum of its parts.

Using input from the sensors and your agency-level dashboards, you can quickly and easily identify which issues to resolve first and empower your technical resources to prioritize and mitigate your risks.

Rely on Experience - Proven, Industry Leading, Scalable and Comprehensive

As the largest information technology company in the world HP has unmatched experience and understanding of the complexity involved in delivering infrastructure protection services to clients of varied sizes and missions around the world.

HP Enterprise Services (HPES) has chosen a team of industry leading tools and service providers that we have worked with both internally and throughout our client base.

Performance is not just providing and integrating tools. It’s about bringing a strategic understanding to designing interoperability and creating a multi-supplier integration ecosystem and customer partnerships.

  • HP is a Gartner-recognized market leader in cybersecurity products and services with extensive experience with designing, implementing and integrating solutions
  • HP has managed some of the largest and most complex IT networks in the U.S. Public Sector, protecting national critical infrastructures and commercial industries
  • HP is a single source provider of full lifecycle Continuous Monitoring solutions and is well positioned to support your unique mission needs