Due to the importance of information assurance (IA) within the public sector, Continuous Monitoring (CM) efforts have been mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and funded by Congress. The DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program allows .gov agencies to procure CM products and services with access to centralized funding. State and local governments may also utilize the contract vehicle for CM purchases; however, they are not eligible for Congressional funding.

Through DHS CDM program, agencies have quick and easy access to the highest quality IT services and solutions to help secure the nation’s critical infrastructures. Use of DHS CDM also allows agencies to reduce their procurement cycles and achieve optimum pricing through pre-competed, pre-qualified vendors.

The DHS CDM program provides the leadership, the framework and the means to move from a static mode of risk analysis and prevention to an ongoing cycle of risk identification, analysis and mitigation, so those responsible for securing our nation will be a step ahead of those seeking to harm it.

Your business challenges

Enterprises are responsible for implementing and maintaining their Information Assurance (IA) programs to assess organizational compliance with laws, regulations and policies. Until recently, these IA programs were based on a periodic checklist—a snapshot in time of the organization’s security posture. In today’s advanced persistent threat environment, this manual approach does not meet the growing need for timely, decision-quality information.

How we can help

Through the DHS CDM program, HP can help you implement a robust IA program, allowing you to achieve:

  • Continuous feedback on the effectiveness of risk management activities and responses
  • Real-time identification of changes to information systems and operational environments as well as correlation between those changes and how they affect your risk tolerance
  • Verification of compliance to federal, state and local legislation; executive orders; directives; policies and standards and guidelines
  • Reduced costs with system and application maintenance