Supporting the FBI in fulfilling the mission anytime, anywhere, on time and on budget

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (ITSSS) is a GSA Schedule 70 BPA that supports the agency’s mission and daily operations through a wide variety of IT projects and programs.

Contract vehicle details

FBI ITSSS – Contract vehicle details
Category Description
Contract Type Multiple Award IDIQ
Sponsor Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Contract Number J-FBI-11-026
Agency Service Fee 0.75% to GSA
End-to-End Solutions

Infrastructure Engineering Design

  • Telecommunications (Voice, Video and Data)
  • LAN, CAN, MAN, WAN installation
  • Network Transport
  • Security Management and Services (e.g., Information Assurance)
  • Desktop Management
  • Hardware, Computers and IT Equipment Acquisition
  • Hosting and Storage
  • Applications Development and Management
  • Help Desk and Call Center Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Software Applications and Solutions (e.g., EVOC)
  • Engineering Services
  • Consulting and Architecture
  • Program Management Services
  • Document Records Management
  • Enterprise Solutions (multiple platforms/environments)
  • Identification/Credentialing (e.g., Smartcard, HSPD-12)
Contract Types Supported FFP or FPIF
T&M (Labor Hour and Cost)
Min/Max None
Discount Offered (per Task Order) N/A
Task Order Competition Required Yes, among awardees
Performance Period 10/2010–09/30/2012 Base Period
10/2011–10/2016 Option Periods
Teaming Partners
  • Alliance Micro, Inc.
  • Anacapa Micro Products, Inc
  • AnviCom, Inc.
  • Emagine IT, Inc.
  • InterImage, Inc.
  • Managed Business Solutions, (MBS)
  • NetCon, Inc.
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)
  • TEKsystems, Inc.
  • World Wide Technologies (WWT), Inc.
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