What is RTLS

RTLS is an integrated technology solution that utilizes Real-Time Location System and Radio Frequency ID tags that allow medical staff to track and monitor everything within a military Medical Treatment Facility (MTF). Data collected from the tags is fed into a unified dashboard used by the VA staff.

How Medical Treatment Facilities can benefit from RTLS

The possibilities for using real-time location data in a military Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) are endless. Common applications include asset locating and inventory management giving MTF staff the ability to:

  • quickly locate needed medical equipment
  • ensure timely scheduled preventive maintenance
  • easily locate recalled equipment or supplies
  • automate inventory processes, and
  • efficiently allocate assets for patient care

Asset management based on real-time location data not only immediately locates portable assets, including infusion pumps, patient monitors, ventilators, wheelchairs and hospital beds; it also tracks their history and condition. Administrators know where equipment is, and whether it’s in use, broken, clean/dirty, or available.

Surgical instrument and other reusable medical equipment can be tracked through the RTLS-automated Sterile Processing workflow which enhances Sterile Processing Department (SPD) processes for cleaning, sterilizing and distributing medical equipment, surgical and dental instruments and critical supplies. Staff members know if instruments are non-sterile or have been processed completely and according to manufacturer instructions. Nurses preparing medical trays know which instruments they need for a procedure, if any are missing and – after surgery – if they still have the same number of instruments.

Cardiac catheterization consumables tracking monitors the use of medical supplies and equipment for critical patient procedures, providing real-time views of items that are on the shelf, used in a case, or missing. Supplies and equipment, including stents and other implantables, are automatically reordered as needed. Staff can easily identify expired items and older items that should be used first. If there’s a hazard recall, administrators can locate the products within minutes and take them off the shelves.

Automated temperature and humidity monitoring ensures that pharmaceuticals, tissues, organs, blood, food and other refrigerated perishables stay at the correct temperature. The system monitors and records temperatures at predetermined intervals and immediately reports any anomalies.