With a long history of service to our Veterans and their families, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is relentlessly focused on the future. VA is driven to be more Veteran-centric and to get better results.

A significant part of this forward-looking journey is the VRM acquisition vehicle, which will enable VA to modernize services through transformational capabilities, systems engineering, and other solutions that span the entire range of life cycle-based IT. Delivered through collaborative partnerships across seven VRM work streams, the program will provide a foundation for on-demand access through a multi-channel customer relationship management approach.

What HP can help you achieve

HP is one of the world's largest performance-based contractors, delivering billions of dollars worth of solutions and services through individual task orders while managing numerous subcontractors. Together with our Team HP partners, we’ll collaborate with you on your goal to become more Veteran-focused and information-centric across the following objectives:

  • Better communication with Veterans and beneficiaries
    • transparency and seamless support across all touch points
    • implementation of an industry-standard beneficiary identification to deliver care in VA and community care centers at reduced burden to recipients
  • Improved online access
    • secure, anytime, anywhere access via the web
    • personalized self service information
    • accurate and consistent data on benefits and services through one knowledge base
  • Internal efficiencies
    • streamlined business processes to provide high quality customer experiences
    • consistency and quality across all Veteran interfaces through the sharing of knowledge
    • better ability to measure service quality
    • enhanced ability to successfully resolve Veterans’ and beneficiaries’ issues on first contact